Matthew Henry Bible Commentary - Lighting Your Way Through the Scriptures

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The Matthew Henry Bible Commentary will save you from hours of otherwise frustrating and unproductive Bible study! You will be amazed at the insight and wisdom this commentary will provide to your research, while maintaining an easy-to-read format for quick comprehension. Once you delve into this priceless resource you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Matthew Henry, British born author of this commentary, studied law before becoming a Presbyterian minister in his native England. His purpose in writing the commentary was not to create a critical literary work, or even a translation of Scripture, but rather to develop a timely, practical and sensible explanation of the Bible in an exhaustive verse by verse study guide. He wanted the average layman to understand the Bible for his or her own personal growth, knowledge and appreciation of its content.

At the time of his sudden death at the age of 52 (in 1714), he left the still unfinished commentary to be completed by various ministers.

As you begin to probe the depths of this invaluable commentary, you'll be astounded to see your comprehension deepen and your desire for further Bible study increase. As the author expounds on the content, message, and nature of God's divine revelation, you'll find your eyes and heart opened to new and enlightening facets of God's Word that will change your perspective and inspire your devotion to God and His Word. The author's rare ability to explain profound spiritual truths with eloquence, yet simplicity, make him a highly respected resource for pastors, Bible teachers, students, and laymen alike. The Matthew Henry Commentary is available as a set of six volumes, in a condensed or abridged edition, as well as audio presentations, and is now available on CD-ROM with the complete text in multiple electronic formats.

This commentary offers discriminating work that has stood the test of time, and is still appreciated today as a work of high moral fiber and simple piety. You will find the classic writings of Matthew Henry helpful for your personal devotional time, whether you need a concise explanation of a particular verse, or simply want to read it for inspiration and blessing.

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Matthew Henry Bible Commentary - Lighting Your Way Through the Scriptures

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This article was published on 2010/05/20